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•Mrs. Oyiza

This week’s Supermom in its third episode will bring three different kinds of emotion to bear —the emotion of rejection, death and hope— as the stories of Oyiza Orphanage Home and Gideon Orphanage Home take centre stage in the emotive reality show.

After nursing a set of twins for over two years, Mrs Oyiza Adenuga, founder of Oyiza Orphanage Home, received the shock of her life when the father of the twins brought along the police to harass her to release his children even though he didn’t have the funds to cater for them.

•Mrs. Oyiza

•Mrs. Oyiza

Mrs Oyiza has heard the rumour that the twin’s father desperately in need of money was planning to sell the twins to a man who was in dire need of babies. She then took the children to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare where they were saved from their money-mongering father.

Due to the closeness of Mrs Oyiza to the twins, she couldn’t get her thought off them. She missed them so much to the point where she fell ill. The illness, coupled with her hypertension, reportedly led to her death. Though dead, her dream, Oyiza Orphanage Home, continues to live on catering for kids of the motherless and those whose parents can’t take care of them.

For Gideon Orphanage Home, the story is a little different but death still visited an innocent baby through a hole in his heart.

When Mrs Banjo received a set abandoned twins, it was a thing of joy as they would be the first for the home. But the joy was shortlived when one of the twins was discovered to have a hole in his heart.

As a caring mother, Mrs. Banjo ran helter-skelter to source for money to fly Kenny to India for treatment. But by the time the money was completed, the doctor broke the news of Kenny’s death to Mrs. Banjo. She was inconsolable.

However, Mrs. Banjo did not allow that moment to kill her philanthropic drive; she called her staff together and urged them to keep the memory of the twin alive by caring for other motherless babies.

Soon after, they received a call from the police to come for Moses, the baby who was found at a refuse site in a plastic bag by a Hausa man who took him to the police station. The police knew Gideon Orphanage Home was a safe haven for babies. Mrs. Banjo signed the necessary papers, took Moses home, washed him with warm water and disinfectant because as at then, he was covered with mucus and faeces.

Moses like the other kids is growing and has a bright future ahead of him with Gideon Orphanage Home proving to be the winds beneath the wings of the babies without mothers.

All these and much more heart touching stories are things to look out for in this week’s episode of Supermom, showing on various television stations across the country.

—Funsho Arogundade

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