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Edo State governor Adams Oshiomhole has approved the sum of N500 million to be used in upgrading facilities at the Ambrose Alli.

The governor made this disclosure while speaking at the inauguration of an eight member Governing Council for the university which was chaired by Professor Greg Akenzua.

Oshiomhole assured that payment will be made in installments, which will begin in August 2013 & spread over succeeding months.

“As a demonstration of my renewed confidence oin your leadership of AAU, we will begin from this month, over the next few months, believing you know best to utilize it, give AAU the total sum of N500 million.” He said.

He said the Governing Council will decide how best to put the money to use, but that he expects value for every kobo spent.

He noted that “regardless of what we have to say, we all can do better in respect of the funding of universities, not only about funding but management. I pray that God will use us to make a different and increase the funding, but not just increasing the funding but be sure that every additional kobo we spend, we get a value for it.

He also lamented on some changes which he pointed required immediate & necessary changes.

“There are current issues that AAU has to address. One of them is the lopsided appointment. There are so many non-academic staff, non-research staff and you do not have enough academic staff. Even if we have all the money we need, we are obliged to used these resources judiciously”, he said.

Chairman of the Council, Prof Greg Akenzua, pledged that the Council would do its best to reposition the University and justify the confidence reposed in them by the Governor.

“You have identified financing as the main bane of the University system, I want to assure that whatever funds made available will be spent judiciously”, he said.

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