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The Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole has urged religious leaders in the country to help build bridges of unity and peace to enhance development.

Speaking to a delegation of Majlis Ansarullah Ahmadiyya Nigeria who paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Friday, Oshiomhole said he believes that religion should be used as a tool for peace and progress.

According to the Governor, “I hope that your deliberation would help to contribute to the cause of peace and justice in Nigeria, particularly at this time, when it is an open secret that we have problems in different parts of the country involving people who are restless, peoples who are hungry and angry and there are all kinds of worrisome signals and also coming on the eve of electioneering with the tendency of politicians to put themselves first before the nation, which is unfortunate”.

Oshiomhole noted “I think your group like other religious groups should continue to sermonize on the side of moral re-armament on the part of leaders and followers.  I am a believer that religion is a tool for progress and unity.  It cannot be used for division.

When a Muslim commits an offence, treat that offender as an individual.  We must separate criminals from religion because a true believer will not go tyo the church and kill innocent people, go to the mosque and kill innocent people or go to schools and kill children”, he added.

The Governor noted that people bring ethnicity to shield criminals, adding “don’t be tired of preaching the word of God, of remanding us that the essence of our existence is to love one another and to use any privilege we have to deliver comfort to those who are in pain and provide hope to those who are hopeless”.

Earlier, the leader of delegation, Alhaji Mashhud Fashola said the leader’s forum is in Benin to hold their convention.

Alhaji Fashiola said “Muslims are supposed to protect the freedom of every citizen. Fundamentally, every citizen has equal right to decide where to belong and Islam must protect this freedom. Muslims are supposed to be at vanguard of justice and equality”.

He noted that “Islam means peace and if anybody does anything else, it is not Islam.”

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