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The President of the Public Interest Lawyers League (PILL) Abdul Mahmud has criticized Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole for “the public humiliation” of a teacher during the Teachers’ verification exercise being carried out in the state on Tuesday.

During a verification exercise carried out by the Edo state government for teachers indicted to have false school certificates, it was discovered that some teachers couldn’t read properly while some falsified their ages on their certificates.

In a statement by Mahmud, he described the incident as “the public humiliation and the show-trial of the poor teacher who couldn’t read an affidavit”.

He also accused Governor Oshiomhole of going “beyond the bounds of decency and the dictates of his office when he superintended over the humiliation of a teacher who herself is a victim of Edo state’s failing education system”.

Mahmud pointed out that “there are doubts over Gov Oshiomhole’s academic qualification-doubts that were not wholly resolved by the Supreme Court-and the Comrade Governor can serve public justice well if he does the proper thing: make a public presentation of his academic qualification for verification by Edo citizens. A Comrade Governor who possesses puny academic qualification cannot harass poor teachers of Edo state”.


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