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The Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North has released a 30 minutes video clip to the public on the peace deal with Boko Haram sect.

The committee made the video clip public at a world press conference at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Friday.

The Chairman of the committee,  Tanimu Turaki, said the video clip was the aftermath of second peace deal with the highest decision making body of the Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalist group, `The Shura’.

Turaki, who is also the Minister of Special Duties, said the clip, which was shown and distributed to the media, was recorded two weeks ago in Bauchi.

He said it became necessary to prove to Nigerians that, indeed, there had been dialogue between government team and the group.

It will be recalled that the committee two months ago, announced a peace deal with the second-in-command of Boko Haram, a claimed, which the leader of the sect, Abubakar Shekau, denied.

Turaki, who addressed journalists after the video clip was shown, said the Shura had decided to enter into genuine peace negotiations with government.

He said the decision of the sect leadership was based “on the tenets of Islam, the teachings of Prophet Muhammed, and the writings of eminent Islamic scholars and jurists’’.

NAN reports that the video clip showed members of Shura committee seated, while their leader, Muhammd Lawan Dn Sulaiman, read a prepared speech in Arabic and Hausa.

The read speech by Sulaiman which was translated in English Language reads:

“Thank be to Allah the most high who enjoined us to fight enemies and the infidels who also enjoined us to answer the call to dialogue with the infidels and the enemies whenever they request for that.

“Praise also to the Noble Prophet of Allah Muhammad whom peace is upon him and his companions and those who follow them in good faith up to the day of resurrection.
“We are, indeed, surprise with the visit paid to us by a dialogue committee set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“More surprised, the committee met us in prison custody and explained to us reasons for their visit and also asked four fundamental questions.

“Firstly, is it possible to dialogue and reach peaceful resolution of the conflict between our brothers and the Federal Government who are engaged in fighting?

“Secondly, which way is the dialogue going to follow?  Thirdly, which assistance those of us in detention would give in realisation of that?  Fourthly, what assistance do the detainees need to facilitate the dialogue?
“My response is as follows: with the hope that it will in accordance with Allah’s injunction.
“Indeed, dialogue between the Jihadists and the government is possible. This is because dialogue is well rooted in Islam as Allah says in the Chapter of Anfal in the Quran.

“If they turn to peaceful co-existence, you also should follow suit, you should also depend on Allah, indeed, is all hearing and knowingly.’’

Alhafiz Ibn Kharhik said: “if they turn to dialogue you should accept to do it.

“It was base on these that when the pagans sought for ceasefire for 10 years with the Holy Prophet in the year the Treaty of Hudaihiyyah, the Prophet accept to their terms, and that it was.
“Ha’ad said there are lots of benefits in heeding to call in the verse which instructed the prophet to positively respond to other party’s call for dialoue as quoted above.
“Some of the benefits, include forgiveness is desirable at all times. So if they approached you first, it is better up to the point where He said: what is feared in dialogue is treachery.
“But in this, Allah went on to say is sufficient for the Muslims and if the infidels embark on any deceit, it will be boomeranged.
“You regard the conquest of Makkah from infidelity as the greatest achievement and are considered the Treaty of Hudairiyya as the key that opens Makkah.

“Jibin Bin Abdullahi also said similar thing. Raka’u Bin Malik also said the treaty of Hudairiyya is key to conquest of Makkah.

“In view of the authorities quoted and several others similar to them, it is pertinent for brothers, the Jihadists to bend toward dialogue with the government as a reference to Allah’s injunction.

“In the verse mention earlier, moreover, Allah said, it is not proper for the believers to follow their desire, if Allah and His apostle decided on matter. May Allah help us?
“Here are opinions of scholars on the matter of the questions:
“Imam Ibn Kayyum Al-Auza’I, in his book Zadul-Ma’ad Fi Hadyi Khairil Ibad, after exhausting a chapter on the Treaty of Hudairiyyah, set a new chapter on the benefit of the treaty.

“Among them, include its validity, the fact that the pagans and transgressors ask for any matter which remain within the domain of the creator.

“The believers should accept to the request even if they stood on the way to the realisation of their goal, so long as it will not lead to the greatest sin.

“This is one of the most difficult moments for the companions of the prophet.

“Ibn Kayyum also said, it is incumbent on a leader to take advantage of any window that will bring peace for the people. He should not even wait to be approached.

“Reaching peace with non-believers is lawful so, long as it will bring relief to believers. Peace accord, he said, has multiple advantages to believers.

“Also, the Treaty of Hudairiyyah, which legalised reparation of believers who migrated to the unbelievers as well as the case which prohibited repatriation of deserters excluding women, was accepted though unfavourable to Muslims.

“Further benefit of treaty Hudairiyyah, which followed the conquest of Makkah, was the cessation of hostility for 10 years and cessation could go beyond the 10 years if the need arose, particularly when the people are at weak point.

“Ash-sheikh Mustapha, in his book: Kaddul-Mukhtari Sharitul Tanwiril Absat, said: “it is permissible to reach peace accord and lay down arms with reparation to or against us because of the Allah’s saying, when you turn to peace, turn to it with completeness and depend on Allah, Quran Chapter 8:61.

“Al Imam Razi said the explanation of this verse: “you should know when the enemies become frightened and if they turn to peaceful resolution, you should accept.

“Al-Sheirk Yusuf Alqadawi, said in his book, Pokinul Jihad, it is foolhardy for Muslims to wait until when they are offered power by enemy before making conciliation, particularly when it is imminent that the enemy is far stronger and that they cannot match them.

“It will amount to arrogance that if when continues fight under the prevailing condition, a situation which will not make the weaker stronger nor the stronger weaker.

“If the Muslim leadership reviews the situation and foresaw the danger in the continuation of the war, then it has to be stopped even without the prompting of the enemy.

“This is exactly what our leader, Muhammad Yusuf, did when he saw the situation deteriorating then. Allah is the best of judges.

“Finally, I hope my fellow brothers, who claimed to align themselves with the movement of Muhammad Yusuf will come to reason with the citations made from the scriptures.

“They should also see beyond their eyes, the condition of the religion and the people under the present circumstance and embrace peace. It is, indeed, evident enough.

“Praise is to Allah and his messenger and peace be unto you all.
“Your brothers in Islam, Muhammd Lawan Dn Sulaiman, Abdul-Auza’i, Al-Darnawo, Al-Maliki.
NAN recalls that the Presidential Amnesty Committee was inaugurated in April 24 by the president to proffer solutions to Boko-Haram insurgence in three months.

The president had on July 31 granted additional two months for the committee to accomplish its mandate.

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