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Barring any cover-up by the Nigerian Prisons Authorities, some top officials of the organization may end up in jail for raping and aiding in the rape a male inmate in Kuje prison.

Festus Keyamo, attorney of the rape victim cum terror suspect, Charles Okah, has decried the sodomisation of his client by officials of the Nigerian Prison.

In a letter dated, Tuesday, July 30, 2013, addressed to the Comptroller-General of Prisons and titled open compliant on the attempt to sodomize Mr. Charles Okah by Mr. Isah Musa(The chief clerk), Tanko Gokuje,(The assistant yard master) and three other warders in kuje prisons,Mr Keyamo, gave a narrative of the sodomisation.

In his words, “on Wednesday, 3rd July, 2013, at about 6.30 am, some Prison Warders, specifically Mr. Isah Musa (the Chief Clerk), Mr. Tanko Gokuje, (the Assistant Yard Master) and three (3) other Prison Warders  entered Mr.Okah`s cell (No.1) and demanded to search his anus because they claimed they had information that he was hiding “incriminating” materials therein. Before entering his cell, they made sure all other inmates were locked up in their various cells.”

“Having heard from other inmates in the past that this is a known pattern used by warders to sodomize inmates, Mr.Okah initially resisted the attempt, but was forced to succumb after much pressure and insistence by the culprits.”

“However, having succumbed, to the utter shock and dismay of Mr.Okah, he saw that Mr. Isah Musa pulled off his clothes and sustained erection and attempted to carry out the acts of sodomy on him.”

“To achieve this, Mr. Okah was then held to the ground by Mr. Tanko Gokuje and three (3) other warders. Mr.Okah had to intensify his struggle and resistance to prevent the completion of the criminal act. Mr Okah screamed for help and this was heard by other inmates.”

“Mr. Okah reported the foregoing event to the Officer in Charge of Kuje Prisons, DCP. Felix Lawrence who, in conjunction with the Kuje Prison authorities pleaded with him not to make a formal complaint, and further suppressed the incident.”

“We find the forgoing events very unfortunate, disheartening and totally unacceptable to our client and the entire society. This criminal act has been reported as a common and recurring phenomenon in the Nigerian Prisons. It simply shows the despicable level of moral decadence of the officers who are paid to take charge of prison inmates. It is our considered opinion that such criminal and immoral acts should not be tolerated or condoned in anyway.”

“We hereby call on you to use your good offices to urgently investigate the foregoing complaints and effect appropriate sanctions on the culprits, including their dismissal from Nigerian Prisons Services forthwith.”




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