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Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, (SERAP) in an open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan condemned the new electricity tariff ,urging the president to order the reversal of the tariff  as it does not mirror fairness, justice in the society as it also debases human rights. “We urge President Jonathan to use his leadership and position to urgently instruct the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to reverse the new electricity tariff as it is manifestly arbitrary, unfair, unjust and discriminatory.” In letter signed by SERAP Executive Director Adetokunbo Mumuni, the organization has considered the multi-year tariff order under which the increase in electricity tariff is that it is a violation of human rights. “We are seriously concerned about the increased electricity tariff by your government under the Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO), and consider this increase as anti-people and a flagrant violation of the human rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized sector of the population.” SERAP however threatened to take matters to another level by seeking legal actions nationally and internationally if the federal government refuses to yield to the request of the organisation within 7 days. “Requests are entirely consistent with the country international human rights obligations and commitments,” and threatened “international and national legal actions if the government fails and or neglects to reverse the increase within 7 days of the receipt and/or publication of this letter.” The organization also stated that it would “work with civil society, social movements and community organisations and the citizens to challenge this manifestly unlawful action by the government.” “Increasing electricity tariff by over 100% at a time power supply has not improved and indeed remains irregular and despite this government’s oft-expressed commitment to improve electricity supply, is anti-people. The much promised transformation of the power sector by the government has remained unfulfilled while the majority of the citizens continue to face extreme poverty. Rather than arbitrarily increasing electricity tariffs, the government should investigate the spending of about $ 3.5 billion annually on power in the last 10 years, and bring to justice anyone suspected to be responsible for the stealing or mismanagement of public funds,” the organization stated.

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