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The fact that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is facing very serious internal problems that are threatening its existence came to the fore again recently when the five governors of Adamawa, Sokoto, Jigawa. Niger and Kano states took it upon themselves to start consulting with some elder statesmen in the country on how to resolve the crisis. The governors have so far met with former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Those meetings, the governors said, were necessitated by the urgent need to save the party from self-destruct and also to save the nation’s democracy. Babangida, who was so impressed with the governor’s rescue mission after he and Abubakar had met with four of them, described them as patriots

This is not coming as a surprise because, as the governors rightly said, recent events in the country such as the crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly, the stalemate in the Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF, and other pressing issues of national importance have put the party and the country in a very precarious situation. Governor Murtala Nyako has also signified his intention to help bury the party if their consultations fail to yield any fruit.

Though the Special Adviser to  President Goodluck Jonathan  on Political Matters, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak has dismissed the governors’ assertions, saying they are incapable of destroying the party, there is no gainsaying the fact that those are no empty threats. Come to think of it, the reality of the situation is that the party is already heading towards self-destruct, given the crises that have been plaguing it at all levels in recent times. The death knell is sounding loud and clear

So, rather than castigate the governors for speaking their minds, the presidency should see their intervention as a wake-up call and think of how to find a lasting solution to the various problems plaguing the  party and the country. The so-called reconciliation committee set up by the leaders of the party will not solve the problems as it has been laid on a very fragile foundation. That committee has been criticised for excluding various interests in the party and for  being wrongly constituted.

Another area where the presidency is getting it wrong is that it sees the problems within the PDP as purely a party or family affair. It is a well-known fact that the stalemate in the NGF and the crisis in the Rivers State House of Assembly go beyond the party as they are issues of national importance. It is in the interest of the party that it puts its house in order if it wants to survive, for there is a symbiotic relationship between any political party and the society in which it operates. Whatever happens to one affects the other.

The leaders of the PDP should not deceive themselves to think that they are insulated from the public . Nigerians are tired of facing one crisis or the other, crises which are caused by the inordinate and selfish ambition of a few who are ready to sacrifice anyone as well as the peace and stability of this country to attain that ignoble ambition.

Until the leaders of the party resolve to come together and find lasting solution to their problems, they are just tolling the death knell of the party which arrogantly prides itself on being the biggest political group in Africa.

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