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The police in Abuja on Saturday arrested and temporarily detained  two foreigners for suspected terrorism.

The two foreigners, a Lebanese and an Indian were arrested for taking photographs of strategic public facilities while driving in a car.

The Indian was driving while his Lebanese counterpart was taking the photographs of public buildings, bridges and streets.

Among the photographs found in the camera of the Lebanese were that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.

A police officer, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, had accosted the foreigners  and pursued them in his car to the Total Filling Station opposite Force Headquarters, where they were eventually apprehended.

From the argument between the police and the suspected terrorists, it was revealed that the foreigners refused to stop when they were told to do so.

In a bid to escape, the fleeing suspects beat the traffic light at the Force Headquarters Junction from the Ministry of Finance until they were blocked at the Total Filling Station about 50 metres from the Force Headquarters.

When accosted by the policeman, the Lebanese who had his passport on him, said he worked in a furniture firm in Lagos.

It was gathered that the Indian was not carrying his passport as at the time of the incident.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, confirmed that the two foreigners were held and later released after the police had profiled them and found that they meant no harm.

According to him, the Indian, who lived in Ibadan, had visited his Lebanese friend in Abuja and both of them were driving around the city taking pictures for fun.

“The two foreigners were released because we found out after profiling them  that there was no reason to detain them. The Indian had never visited Abuja before and so, he decided to take pictures of buildings and places he found interesting; he meant no harm,” Mba explained.

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Source: Punch Newspaper

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