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something's-wrongI’’ve seen youths that are so visionary, proclaiming the future leadership of Nigeria and fervently committed to making it a better place.

It is lamentable that leaders of contemporary Nigeria are now aversive to stealing millions of Naira. You surprisingly become a celebrity when you embezzle billions- could this be called a celebration of engrained kleptomania?

It’s often said that when the mother cat chews, the cat watches- is it when  the national cake is totally squandered and the condition of Nigeria deteriorates beyond redemption that the  mission-critical and incorruptible youths will wake up from their slumber or how will we be tomorrow leaders if today leaders are glued to all available political seats?

Pope expresses hope, Imams preach Iman (faith) even babalawos caution “alawos”, all for the sake of doing things right. Thessalonian 5:22 in the Bible says “flee all appearances of evil” while the Holy Quran says “audhu billah mina ‘sh-shaytani ‘r-rajeem (which loosely translate to seeking protection in Allah, from the accursed Satan)” yet, the advocacy of doing things the way they should be done is a phenomenon that is looked down upon in my dear country Nigeria where the law-makers are even involved in several infractions, violating the law themselves. Why this?  I’m yet to get an exposition. I wondered, are we Nigerians holy at all?

Only if these greedy political leaders know that anything that is natural belongs to everybody, there wouldn’t be a situation where the philosophy of the rich getting richer while the poor and vulnerable are becoming more dispossessed will become the practice of Nigerians.

I took reflective moments to ponder on issues bedeviling Nigerians’ standard of living and reasoning compared to other developing African countries. I found out that we have undermined our values and over-flogged secondary heritages.

Imagine the Nigerian National Flag of the combination: Green-White-Green of which green denotes agriculture and the white sandwiched in between which denotes peace has now been put to shame as agricultural sector today receives little or no attention compared to other sectors like the oil and gas, banking sectors and their like. Peace in Nigeria is shattered to pieces by different disasters like the recent outrageous flood, the heavy rainfall that affected virtually half of the country over the last year leaving a lot of Nigerians homeless and dispossessed, the insurgences of the Boko Haram sect, kidnappers, MEND, Niger/ Delta militants and a lot more that continue to perpetuate insecurity which have consequently turned off potential investors both home and abroad and automatically decreasing the rate of commercial inclination in the country considering the cosmopolitan nature of my dear country. Now, is our national flag not outrightly defeated?

Nigeria, the proclaimed Giant of Africa, before reaching any conclusive decision constitutes an x-men committee, where x ranges; it could be 4,5,6 to tens, in which their outcome is always not applaudable rather, condemnable. To buttress this, I remember the recent Boston marathon bomb-blast in the U.S (an incident which I followed closely) that claimed three innocent lives and injured many. The two perpetrators were apprehended within four days after the incidence. FBI killed one and the other subjected to the law quite immediately without constituting any committee or panel to look into the situation. Boko Haram has gone a long way in disreputing Islamic religion and discrediting Nigeria in the face of other nations by their incessant bomb-blast claiming people’s lives and properties in tens and hundreds, still, nothing spectacular has “successfully” been done to put a final halt to their menace and operations. Now, are we practically not the dwarf of Africa?

Isn’t it pitiable that 20 percent Nigerians feed on less than $1 daily? (POLL Vanguard 21 May,2013.). For how long will this high rate of poverty, wretchedness and low standard of living persist?

Amongst all odds, as a matter of fundamental urgency, the Federal government and ASUU leadership MUST as soon as possible reach a compromise that will  consequently put an end to this strike that has left millions of Nigerian students Idle and  frivolous. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I cease to imagine how anarchical it would be if the aggrieved Nigerian students should decide to stage a protest .

Looking at the enormity of the problems that Nigeria is encountering in comparison to the epileptic approach taken by our hedonistic “rulers”  to proffer a far-reaching solutions to them, it then occurred to me that “Something’s Wrong (with Nigeria)”

Notwithstanding, I speak in oneness of young Nigerians, like you and I, claiming no other heritage or lineage, believing in Nigeria’s potential to become a developed nation, her futuristic plans of eradicating corruption, in whom the destiny of Nigeria lies to contribute our quota to making Nigeria a world class nation

Remember, today is that tomorrow we wished for yesterday. How good we make use of today will determine how better tomorrow will be. Contributing our quota to the  betterment of our dear country Nigeria is just like building a reputation of a legend for ourselves as whatever we do today will definitely make up our history tomorrow.


Written by Kazeem Bolarinwa.
Kazeem is a graduating student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Business Administration Department.
Twitter: @kazzylauren


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