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Happy Fathers’ Day


He knows them all by name, their date of birth, character and the circumstances surrounding their birth. 

Their welfare and comfort is his priority.

He toils daily to ensure there is food on their tables, a shelter over their heads, clothes on their bodies and a chance to acquire quality education.

Their happiness and joy is a delight to his eyes.

He is willing and happy to make personal sacrifices to ensure they go places he wasn’t privileged to. 

He looks forward to his spare times, to spend quality times with them. 

His deep love for them causes others around to love them too. 

He always prays for them to outlive him, preferring to absorb whatever calamity that could befall them.

He loves, respects and adores the woman that helped bring these bundles of joy to life. 

Even when ugly circumstances forces a separation, his love, commitment and sense of responsibility to these innocent hearts remains steadfast.

He gradually goes grey, watching with joy and pride as the once little creatures become fully independent adults.

He is human, every inch of it, with feelings, and yes shortcomings and human weaknesses.

He is called “Dad“, “Father“,  “Papa“, “Daddy“, and to someone very special, “Husband“.

He is “The Man“.

The Pillar of the Home and the “Shock Absorber”.

To the innocent souls looking up to him, He Is The Solution To Any Inexplicable Circumstance.


The world is a better place because of you, so rock on…


Frank Ogu for disnaija.com


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