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The Lagos state Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have arrested people operating fake abattoirs and impounded large chunk of meat in the state.
The ministry made this known in a statement on Sunday describing the meat as unwholesome, the ministry said that the meat was impounded at the Ajegunle, Ajelogo and Alapere, Ketu areas of the state with the support of the policemen attached to the state’s Special Task Force on Environment.
The ministry also said illegal abattoirs have been closed while offenders were arrested and have been arraigned.
According to the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Agriculture and Cooperatives, Dr. Funsho Nuraini, the government is doing its best to get rid of illegal slaughter houses across the state.
Describing the implications of the seized meats when consumed, Nuraini said “One of the cows butchered was infected with tuberculosis. Pieces of meat from such cow could be very contagious and dangerous to health.”
“The carcass has almost confirmatory evidence that this particular animal has tuberculosis. We have lymph nodes that expose the inner form of the disease. Once you kill an animal and open it like this, you will see that it is not normal. If you see a normal animal, it will not be coloured like this .This is a typical tuberculosis-infected animal and it is not good for consumption.

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