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National Association of Nigerian Studets. (NANS)

By Kazeem Bolarinwa

From the inception of this strike, it’s my consistent belief that if NANS happened not to have been “financially impressed” to remain dormant on this issue, I’m utterly sure that a substantial or rather commendable action would have been taken to suppress the threat of this ruthless industrial action. Knowing the power of students, it’s not rocket science.

It’s important to note that protest is an expression of objection which can take different forms, it could be by words or actions. Therefore, to all myopic thinkers that believe that protest means shouting and rubbishing ourselves on the street, I’m sorry that’s not it. This is 21st century, things should change for better if pessimistically not the best.

To the NANS president, remember that; A flock of sheep led by a lion will surprisingly be defeated by a group of lions led by a sheep. Here, it’s time for NANS’ leadership to realise that we students shouldn’t be played like a ball between the two aggrieved parties who are indecisive and uncompromising.

You keep asking what you should do, so laughable!  You wouldn’t have assumed the mantle of leadership since you know that you are not a good manager as far as running the affair and leadership of the over 25million tertiary institution student in Nigeria.

NANS! This is the time to demonstrate how reliably active you can be by letting all ASUU strike victims benefit from the exhibition of your competence.

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