World Cup 2018 Kits: Official Home & Away Jerseys – All 32 Teams


World Cup 2018 Kits

In preparations for the World Cup tournament in Russia, all 32 World Cup teams showcase their world cup 2018 kits. This include their jerseys for home and away matches. Take a look at the beautiful collections from the teams.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Kits - Official Team Jerseys

Argentina – Adidas

Argentina World Cup Jersey 2018

Argentina’s home kit features their traditional light-blue strips on white, while their away kit moves towards the dark side, with a little representation of their traditional white and blue strips under the shoulders. Designed by Adidas.

Australia – Nike

Australia World Cup Jersey 2018

Australia’s kits, both home and away, are nothing short of beautiful, featuring the traditional australia colours. The home kit comes in a pleasant-looking yellow colour with a unique design on the shoulders and sleeves. The away kit is dark green with diagonal yellowish strips running from under the shoulder. – – Designed by Nike

Belgium – Adidas

Belgium World Cup Jersey 2018

Belgium’s home kit is a bit of dark red and a chest area featuring diamond designs that alternates in red and orange colors. The away kit is yellow colored simplified kit, with horizontal strips of dark yellow bands. Designed by Adidas.

Brazil – Nike

Brazil World Cup Jersey 2018

Brazil’s kits, both home and away look very stunning, with their home kit in their traditional classic yellow colour. Their away kit is sea-blue with alternating darker and lighter blue triangles. Looks pleasing to the eye. Designed by Nike.

Colombia – Adidas

Colombia World Cup Jersey 2018

Colombia’s home kit comes in their traditional bright-yellow colours. It features some red and blue design prints under the shoulders towards the outer chest, while the away kit comes in blue and orange combinations. – Designed by Adidas.

Costa Rica – New Balance

Costa Rica World Cup Jersey 2018

Costa Rica’s kits look quite impressive. The home kit is mostly red, featuring some beautiful line-designs. The away kit is white with a black colour combination from the shoulders down the sleeves. – Designed by New Balance.

Croatia – Nike

Croatia World Cup Jersey 2018

Croatian home and away kits feature square designs and come in their traditional colours. The home and away kits designs are the same, except for the colour swaps. Looks quite good, and produced by Nike.

Denmark – Hummel

Denmark World Cup Jersey 2018

Denmark’s home and away kits design are the same, except for colour changes. The home kit is predominantly red with some white arrow designs on the shoulder, while the away kit is predominantly white with some red arrow designs on the shoulder. Both feature faint “X-shaped” imprint on the front. – Designed by Hummel.

Egypt – Adidas

Egypt World Cup Jersey 2018

Egypt’s red-coloured home kit looks like a typical basic jersey found everywhere. Nothing spectacular. The away kit, however, seems to have gotten more inspirations for the design. It features some ash-colored traditional / cultural  designs on a rather whitish background, black shoulder-strips and sleeves that feature black and a red bands. Looks quite impressive. – Designed by Adidas.

England – Nike

England World Cup Jersey 2018

England’s home and away kits look quite stunning, but the away kit’s appearance seems more captivating. Its red-coloured, features dark-red line shades that blends into a St. George cross in the front. The  home kit comes in traditional white colour which featuring bespoke graphic print. Designed by Nike.

France – Nike

France World Cup Jersey 2018

The French National team’s home and away kits look nothing but captivating. The home jersey is dark-blue, with alternating shades of blue on the shoulder and sleeves, and a collar button. The away kit comes in white colour with navy blue / dark-orange small designs randomly but beautifully scattered across the shirt. Designed by Nike.

Germany – Adidas

German World Cup Jersey 2018

Germany’s home and away kits look pretty good. Befitting designs for the defending champion. The home kit is predominantly white coloured, with unique graphic print on the front. The away kit is light-green with alternating dark and light coloured lines,  shaped into beautiful parallelograms and giving the kit an overall unique and beautiful design. – – Made by Adidas, a German company.

Iceland – Errea

Iceland World Cup Jersey 2018

Iceland’s home and away kits are same designs, but different colour combinations. The home kit is bluish, while the away kit is white. Both share same shoulder and sleeve designs of red-blue-white combinations. Designed by Errea

Iran – Adidas

Iran’s home kit is a combination of white and some red. It features a red v-collar, white sleeves with red cuffs and red Adidas stripes on the shoulders. Looks good but quite generic.  – Designed by Adidas.

Japan – Adidas

Japan World Cup Jersey 2018

Japan’s home and away kits look quite beautiful. A blue-coloured home kit with vertical dashed-lines covering the entire front and white Adidas strips on the shoulder. The away kit is white coloured with unique  design on the chest area. Designed by Adidas.

Korea Republic – Nike

Korea Republic World Cup Jersey 2018

South Korea’s home kit is red-coloured with no designs. Pretty basic, and nothing spectacular. The away kit however, offers some interesting designs – a predominantly white background with blue and red graphic prints on the front, giving it an overall impressive look. Designed by Nike.

Mexico – Adidas

Mexico World Cup Jersey 2018

Mexico’s 2018 World Cup home shirt is predominantly green coloured, with a unique graphic print on the front. It features a somewhat v-collar with white trimmings on the collar and the sleeve, a red hem trimming, and white Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

The away jersey is predominantly white coloured, with green and red horizontal chest stripes, and green Adidas stripes on the shoulders. – Designed by Adidas

Morocco – Adidas

The Morocco 2018 World Cup jersey is red-coloured, with a white v-shaped collar, white sleeve cuffs, and white Adidas stripes on the shoulders. Their 2018 World Cup away shirt is predominantly white-coloured with a red stripe above the chest and red colour block on the shoulders.  Red coloured Adidas stripes line the sides of the jersey. Designed by Adidas.

Nigeria – Nike

Nigeria World Cup Jersey 2018

Nigeria’s World Cup 2018 home kit is a total unique and impressive design. A refreshing appearance that will stand out at the World Cup tournament. It combines bright green and a collage of white mini chevron on the body. The shoulders and sleeves are white with similar collage of chevrons but black in colour. The home kit is simply a masterpiece.

The away kit is the same aesthetic design as the home kit, but with dark-green colour. Looking quite pleasing, it also has some subtle zigzag patterns on the sleeve that are barely visible.

Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup kit is causing such shockwaves in the football world that Nike has already received a staggering three (3) million orders for the shirts even before they hit the shops.
– Designed by Nike

Panama – New Balance

Panama World Cup Jersey 2018

Panama will be making their World Cup début in this 2018 World Cup tournament. The home kit is predominantly red-coloured with some white combination, reflecting the traditional red and white colours of the country. The front of the home kit features a subtle red chevron design pattern, with a white-collar stripe

The away kit is white with blue chevrons on the front. A thin blue-collar stripe and a blue combination runs down the shoulders and the sleeves. A bit of red is present in the form of the designer’s logo, placed on the right chest of the away kit, and small panels on the shoulders. – Designed by New Balance.

Peru – Umbro

Peru World Cup Jersey 2018

Peru’s 2018 World Cup jersey features the country’s traditional Sash design. The design combines the classic Peru’s white and red coloured jersey with sleek golden details on the shoulders area. The Sash comes with a thin white line on each side.

The away jersey mirrows the home kit: red coloured with a white sash that also features gold trim along the edges. – Designed by Umbro

Poland – Nike

Poland World Cup Jersey 2018

Poland’s 2018 World Cup home kit is white with a red collar. A subtle zig-zag knit pattern is present on both sleeves.

A unique sash graphic design graces the front of the Poland 2018 home shirt in light grey. The graphic consists of taped lines that create the illusion of a gradient.

The Poland 2018 World Cup away jersey is red, and features the same unique graphic design found on the home shirt, bt with darker red colours. A clean overall look, the away kit also has a red collar and very subtle zig-zag pattern on the sleeves. – Designed by Nike

Portugal – Nike

Portugal World Cup Jersey 2018

Portugal’s 2018 World Cup home jersey combines their traditional red colour with a green collar. The sleeves of the home jersey are slightly lighter and features a knit stripe pattern that runs from one sleeve to the other, across the top of the arm and upper back.

Portugal away kit is predominantly white with a bold and eye-catching light graphic print on the front, consisting of small olive-green crosses that clusters towards the center of the front, collectively making for an overall beautiful design. The away kit has solid white Raglan sleeves with a subtle zig-zag pattern. A green-red tape runs down the back of the neck, which is also present in the home kit. – Designed by Nike

Russia – Adidas

Russia World Cup Jersey 2018

The Russia 2018 World Cup home kit is bright red with white Adidas stripes on the shoulders, a white v-collar, and a white band from the outside chest around the upper sleeve to the outside of the upper back.

The away jersey has a rather round collar with blue crew-neck, blue sleeve cuffs and ash-coloured nondescript variable-sized square-dot patterns covering the full front and sleeves. The shoulder also features prominent blue Adidas stripes.
– Designed by Adidas.

Saudi Arabia – Nike

Saudi Arabia’s 2018 World Cup home kit is predominantly white coloured, a green v-collar that tapers towards the mid-front. The away kit is predominantly green. Altogether, both kits reflect the country’s traditional colours of green and white. – Designed by Nike.

Senegal – Puma

Senegal World Cup Jersey 2018

Senegal’s 2018 World Cup kit is a fairly simple jersey made beautiful with lion print on the front of both kits, and come in white and green traditional Senegal colours.

The home jersey is white with a green collar, a green stripe on the sleeves and a subtle graphic print on the front – a lion, inspired from the teams ‘Lions of Teranga’ nick.

The away shirt is green with white trim and a subtle front graphic print of a lion. – Designed by Puma.

Serbia – Puma

Serbia World Cup Jersey 2018

The Serbia 2018 World Cup home kit is all-red, with a white crew neck, a white stripe on each sleeve and white sleeve cuffs.

The away kit is white with a red crew-neck, a red stripe running down the sleeve and red cuffs. The country flag runs down the center front of the away jersey, with a bit of blank space left on the chest for the front numbers. It also appears on the upper back of the away shirt, just below the collar.
– Designed by Puma.

Spain – Adidas

Spain World Cup Jersey 2018

The Spain 2018 World Cup kit is red with a yellow, blue and red diamond graphic on the right side. There is also a simple overlap collar, and red Adidas strips on the shoulders.

The away kit is ‘Halo Blue’, which is a very light, almost white shade of grey. The front also features light blue unique graphics print, and an overlap collar with red collar-cuffs. There is also red Adidas stripes on the shoulders, and red sleeve cuffs completing the “Halo Blue” sleeves.

Sweden – Adidas

Sweden World Cup Jersey 2018

The Sweden 2018 home kit comes in their traditional yellow and blue colours, with yellow being dominant. It has a  subtle Jacquard diagonal line pattern on the front, and a yellow trimmed blue-collar. The Jacquard pattern is very similar to Real Madrid’s current home shirt. Blue Adidas stripes run along the sides of the shirt.

The away jersey is royal blue with a subtle line graphic print on shirt. The lines’ intersections create beautiful alternating light and dark square designs on the shirt. The shoulder features yellow Adidas stripes, and a yellow thin lining around the neck collar – Designed by Adidas.

Switzerland – Puma

Swiss World Cup Jersey 2018

The Switzerland World Cup 2018 kit combines the country’s traditional red and white colors. The front of the home kit features a unique design showing Switzerland’s topography of  mountain-dominated landscape. The collar alternates between white and red colours.

The away jersey is predominantly white, with a bit of red at the front and back of the collar.

Just below the neckline, on the upper back of Switzerland’s 2018 away jersey , ‘Suisse’ is written in all caps. – Designed by Puma.

Tunisia – UhlSport

Tunisia World Cup Jersey 2018

The Tunisia 2018 World Cup home kit is white with red crew-neck collar and red sleeve cuffs. The hem is also red, while a dotted gradient graphics appears towards the sides of the home jersey.

The away shirt is red with white crew-neck collar, white sleeve cuffs and white dotted gradient graphics on the sides.

–  Designed by UhlSport

Uruguay – Puma

Uruguay World Cup Jersey 2018

Uruguay’s 2018 World Cup home kit is a beautifully Jacquard graphic that graces the front of the jersey, inspired by the Sol de Atlántida monument in Uruguay. It is predominantly sky blue, Raglan sleeves with a mesh stripe on the shoulders and black Puma branding on each side of the shoulders. A black subtle v-collar sits on the front and back sides of the shirt, and beautifully interrupted on both shoulders.

The away jersey is predominantly white coloured, with sky-blue collar trim on the neck, that interrupts on both shoulders. – Designed by Puma.

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World Cup 2018 Kits: Official Home & Away Jerseys – All 32 Teams

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